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890 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto, ON

Project Profile

2003 East Parking Garage & Swimming Pool Repairs

Project Date: May – August 2003

Project Location: 890 Mount Pleasant Rd., Toronto, Ontario

Project Owner: Lampeter Investments Ltd.; c/o Clearbrook Property Management.

Project Engineers:

Building Sciences Inc.
Mr. Nick Tassone, P.Eng.
221 Rayette Road, Unit 1
Concord, Ontario, L4K 2G1
Tel. 905-760-0869 Fax. 905-760-0873

Project Description

East Parking Garage & Swimming Pool Rehabilitation

The Building at 890 Mount Pleasant Rd. is a high-rise residential building with one level underground parking garage. The podium deck is cast-in-place reinforced concrete with 8-inch thick reinforced two-way flat slab supported by rectangular columns and foundation walls. The podium deck consists of a combination of hard and soft landscaping. The outside swimming pool structure is located on the South Side of the building.

Project Scope - Parking Garage 

  • Removed and repaired as through-slab approximately 1,570 sq. ft of delaminated and distressed concrete forming part of the parking garage roof slab including all new metal reinforcement.
  • Installed new bi-level drains (10 Pcs). 
  • Removed and reinstated all existing overburden materials inclusive of curb, concrete walkway and soft landscaping over the parking garage roof slab. 
  • Removed and installed new two-ply hot rubberized waterproofing system (approximately 10,000 sq.ft) over the roof slab and downturn locations.

 Project Scope - Swimming Pool

  • Entire suspended swimming pool deck was replaced (approximately 860 sq. ft and varying in depth from 225 mm to 350 mm).
  • Localized concrete repairs on the vertical surface of the swimming pool walls and topside concrete repairs were completed (approximately 450 sq. ft). 
  • The existing pool shell paint finishes were removed and surface prepared.
  • All leaking cracks were polyurethane injected, routed and sealed. 
  • A new thin waterproofing system was installed throughout the entire swimming pool podium deck surface area and downturns. 
  • The pool shell was protected by installation of two finish coats of epoxy paint. Exterior surfaces of swimming pool were painted by architectural coating. 
  • A new aluminum railing system was supplied and installed at the perimeter of the swimming pool deck.
  • A new swimming pool podium deck galvanized steel staircase was supplied and installed.