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1615 Dundas Street East, Whitby, ON

Project Profile

Podium Deck Repairs

Project Date: August – September 2003

Project Location: 1615 Dundas Street East (Whitby Mall), Whitby, Ontario

Project Owner: Tije Ltd.; c/o Cogir Property Management.

Project Engineers:

Building Sciences Inc.
Mr. Nick Tassone, P..Eng.
221 Rayette Road, Unit 1
Concord, Ontario, L4K 2G1
Tel. 905-760-0869 Fax. 905-760-0873

Project Description

Podium Deck Repairs

This project involved repairs to podium deck at Whitby Mall over occupied space. Body Boomers Fitness Club rented out the retail space underneath the podium deck. The interior finish repairs were mainly completed when extremely dangerous conditions in the form of loose and distressed concrete forming the podium deck slab were discovered during removal of old insulation from the ceiling by the construction crew hired to do the renovation work inside.

Project Scope

The 2004 project started in August with the installation of hoarding and site protection.

Repairs included:

  • Deck concrete through slab repairs (approximately 1,400 sq. ft).
  • New steel reinforcement.
  • Excavation and waterproofing of east and west foundation walls (approximately 2,000 sq.ft).
  • Wholesale removal and replacement of asphalt wearcourse and 2-ply-hot-rubberized waterproofing membrane (approximately 5,500 sq.ft) on the surface of the podium deck.
  • Curb sidewalk overlay and associated work.

All chipping forming and concrete pours were organized to provide protection against water and physical damage to newly constructed interior drywall, partitions, glass and masonry components located inside the Body Boomers interior space.

This project was completed it in a very short period of time (25 working days).