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30 Gloucester Street, Toronto, ON

Project Profile

Underground Parking Garage Intermediate Suspended Slab Replacement

Project Date: March 2003 - Temporary Shoring Installation;
November 2003 – January 2007 – Intermediate Two-Level Suspended Slab Replacement (Phase I, Phase II, Phase III)

Project Location: 30 Gloucester Street, Toronto.

Ontario Project Owner: Gloucester Gate Residences.

Project Engineers:

Project Consultants
Building Sciences Inc.
Mr. Nick Tassone, P.Eng.
221 Rayette Road, Unit 1
Concord, Ontario, L4K 2G1
Tel. 905-760-0869 Fax. 905-760-0873

New Intermediate Suspended Slab Reconstruction Design
Devlin Engineering Ltd.
Mr. Martin Devlin, P.Eng.
489 Timothy Street, Suite 5
Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 6M7
Tel. 905-895-9901 Fax. 905-895-0651

Structural Temporary Shoring Design  
Construction Control Inc.
Mr. Domenic Cugliari, P.Eng.
70 Haist Ave.
Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L 5V4
Tel. 905-856-5200 ext 258 Fax. 905-856-1455

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment; Designated Substances Survey
Trow Consulting Engineers Ltd.
Mr. Graham Roger, B.A. C.E.T.
Head Hazardous Material Group, Environmental Division
1595 Clark Boulevard.
Brampton, Ontario, L6T 4V1
Tel. 905-793-9800 Fax. 905-793-0641

Project Description

Underground Parking Garage Two - Level Intermediate Suspended Slab Replacement

In 2002 Building Sciences Inc. was retained by the Owner, Gloucester Gate Residences Inc. to provide a comprehensive condition survey of the underground parking garage structure. The findings from the survey revealed the parking garage structure was in poor condition and that temporary shoring was necessary to keep the underground parking garage operational until proposed repair program was implemented.

The underground parking garage structure is comprised of a three parking garage levels and constructed primarily of a roof slab, two levels of suspended intermediate slabs, columns, perimeter walls and shear-walls. There was extensive progressive deterioration in various areas of the intermediate suspended slabs including the presence of exposed and rusted metal reinforcement.

The temporary shoring project was completed in the spring of 2003.

In the summer of 2003, Albatech Building Restoration Inc. was awarded the contract to carryout the replacement of two-level intermediate suspended slabs (approximately 55,000 square feet) over a three-year period. The project started in the middle of November 2003 and is currently in progress with designated Phase I & II areas completed at the end of September 2005.

Repairs included:

Project Scope – 2003 Temporary shoring installation

  • Installation of a major structural steel beam and column reinforcement system connected together by bolted and welded connections.
  • Installation of adjustable metal shoring posts and aluminum beams.
  • Installation of a temporary traffic control stop-on go light signal system at areas where the driveway width was reduced due to the installation of the structural framing system. The fully operational computer-operated system was installed and formed the right-of way throughout all three levels of the ramp areas to the parking garage.

Project Scope – 2003-2006 Replacement of two-level intermediate suspended slabs (approximately 55,000 square feet)

  • Mobilization, temporary shoring to support the remaining parking garage and building structure.
  • Demolition and reinstatement of approximately 55,000 square feet of the existing two level intermediate suspended slabs with a large section being on grade, half located between shear walls under the building and two steep angle ramps.
  • Installation of new floor drains and sub-floor drainage system.
  • Reinstallation of the mechanical and electrical systems dismantled to carry out the rehabilitation work.
  • Shot blasting of the top surfaces of the suspended slabs.
  • Installation of a new thin traffic deck coating system complete with new traffic markings and line painting.
  • Installation of a new hot-rubberized asphaltic waterproofing system complete with new electric snow melting cables on entrance/exit ramp along with a new trench drain system.
  • Repainting of the entire garage area including the sprinkler and drainage systems on the upper level. 
  • Replacement of delaminated and deteriorated concrete at perimeter foundation walls and interior columns (approximately 2,550 square feet).
  • Chemical injection of actively leaking cracks in the interior perimeter foundation walls (approximately 1,400 lineal feet).
  • Construction of new walls and installation of new barrier free electric doors at P2 level designed for handicapped access.

As a part of this rehabilitation program Albatech completed localized roof deck concrete and waterproofing repairs. Structural repairs included localized replacement of deteriorated concrete on the slab surface of the parking garage roof deck (approximately 1,185 square feet), localized soffit repairs (approximately 325 square feet) and through-slab repairs (approximately 430 square feet). New hot-rubberized waterproofing system was locally installed.  The drainage system was also upgraded including installation of new bi-level drains and new trench drain at the entrance to the garage. Installation of overburden materials inclusive of curb, concrete walkway, asphalt finishes, soft landscaping over the parking garage roof slab completed 2006 localized rehabilitation program. This work was phased to keep the parking garage operational. 

The project was successfully completed in January of 2007