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Victoria School Village, 25 Joseph Street, Kitchener, ON

Project Profile

Podium Deck Rehabilitation at Victoria School Village, 25 Joseph Street, Kitchener, ON

Project Date: April 2007 – Mid July 2007

Project Location: 25 Joseph Street, Kitchener, ON

Project Owner: Kitchener Housing Inc.
11 Weber Street West, Kitchener, ON N2H 3Y9

Project Engineers:

Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
Mr. Michael Pond, P. Eng.
500-144 Front Street W.
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2L7
Tel. 416-977-5335 Fax 416-977-1427

Project Description

Podium Deck Rehabilitation at Victoria School Village

In April of 2007 Albatech Building Restoration Inc. started 25 Joseph Street, Victoria School Village, Podium Deck Rehabilitation Program.

The Victoria School Village parking garage is a single level underground structure located partially beneath an 8-storey residential building at 25 Joseph Street on the southeast corner of Joseph St. and David St, in Kitchener, Ontario.

The landscaped podium deck serves as a front and back yard to the ground floor apartments as well as a public space and walkway.
The garage roof/ landscaped podium deck consist of a combination of hard and soft landscaping treatments (i.e. sod, trees, asphalt paving, concrete walks).The podium deck/garage roof slab outside the footprint of the residential building has a plan area of approximately 13, 100 sq.ft.

The garage roof slab/podium deck slab is a 10-inch reinforced concrete slab with 7–inch deep drop panels. The podium deck slab is supported by reinforced concrete columns, shear walls, perimeter foundation walls, and corbel beams located below the building face.

The repair program consisted of localized repair of slab surface and soffit concrete delaminations, wholesale removal and disposal of the existing podium deck waterproofing system including all landscaping,   installation of new podium deck 2-ply hot rubberized waterproofing system including tie-in to building envelope, reinstatement of bottom brick coarses at building face, sidewalk replacement (approximately 3,000 Square Feet),  localized crack injection repairs of leaking foundation walls, repair of hand–railing–post anchors throughout the site, thin traffic deck coating installation and reinstatement of the landscaping finishes including ashpalt and curb installation (approximately 3,500 Square Feet)