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1 Hycrest Avenue, Toronto, ON

Project Profile

2007 Parking Garage& Ramp Repairs

Project Date: June 2007– Mid July 2007

Project Location: 1 Hycrest Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

Project Owner: Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 1103
c/o Times Property Management

Project Engineers:

Belanger Engineering
Mr. Paul Belanger, P. Eng.
1060 Britannia Road East, Unit 23
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 4T1            
Tel. 905-795-9997                     
Fax 905-795-1488  

Project Description

2007 Parking Garage& Ramp Repairs

In June 2007 Albatech Building Restoration Inc. started 1 Hycrest Avenue Parking Garage & Ramp Repairs Project.

The underground parking structure at 1 Hycrest Avenue is a one level garage with one on grade parking level. The structural system of this garage is cast-in-place reinforced concrete with 240 mm thick reinforced roof deck slab supported by rectangular columns and foundation walls.  
Due to the failure of existing waterproofing system on the surface of podium deck and garage excess ramp immediate localized waterproofing repairs were required.
This rehabilitation program started with the mobilization and set up of the site and involved:

  • Removal of the garage excess ramp concrete topping, hot-rubberized waterproofing membrane, snow melting system, existing concrete nosing & trench frame;
  • Installation of  new concrete nosing & trench frame at the bottom of the ramp and concrete curb at the top of the ramp;
  • Installation of a new waterproofing membrane, mastic asphalt topping and new heating cable system;
  • Localized removal of asphalt & interlocking pavement, landscaping finishes, overburden and waterproofing materials in various areas;
  • Localized concrete repairs;
  • Localized injection repairs;
  • Installation of new bi-level drains and piping;
  • Drainage system upgrade;
  • Installation of new waterproofing & overburden materials, asphalt & interlocking pavement, landscaping finishes.