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90 Sheppard  Avenue East, Toronto, ON

Project Profile

2007 Parking Garage Repairs

Project Date: July 2007 – September 2007

Project Location: 90 Sheppard Avenue East,Toronto, ON

Project Owner: Crown Realty Construction Inc.

Project Consultants:
Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
Mr. Philip Sarvinis, P. Eng.
500-144 Front Street W.
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2L7
Tel. 416-977-5335
Fax 416-977-1427

Project Description

2007 Parking Garage Repairs

In July 2007 Albatech Building Restoration Inc. started 2007- 90 Sheppard Avenue East Parking Garage Rehabilitation Program.

The Parking garage at 90 Sheppard Avenue East is a 2 level underground structure located directly below the 7-storey commercial office building incorporating retail and office occupancies constructed in circa 1980. The total area of this garage is approximately 132,000 sq. ft., of which 66,000 sq. ft. is suspended slab. The parking garage extends out past the building above creating a podium deck/garage roof slab above. The structural system of this garage is cast-in-place reinforced concrete construction. The suspended slab is a 2-way slab, approximately 9-1/2” thick with 3-1/2” drop panels supported by a combination of columns, foundation walls and shear walls. Access to the garage is from the entrance/exit on the north end of the garage.

The 2007 project started with the mobilization, installation of hoarding, dust protection and set up of the site.

Structural repairs include localized replacement of deteriorated concrete on the slab surface of the suspended parking levels (approximately 650 square feet), localized soffit repairs (150 sq. ft.) and localized vertical wall/column repairs.

As a part of this program an upgrade of existing drainage system was required and 21 existing drains are replaced in the suspended parking level. In addition 2 new floor drains are installed with 100 lineal feet of new drain piping.

Trench drain system repair including replacement of delaminated trench drain slab soffit concrete and installation of new trench drain frame and grating at the garage entrance rump is completed as a part of structural program.

Replacement of existing thin-waterproofing at debonded areas, crack locations and at locations of concrete repairs (approximately 2,825 sq. ft.) and preparation of the existing thin traffic deck coating in the drivelane and turning radiuses at the entrance / exit to the underground parking garage and recoating with new thin traffic deck coating ( approximate area – 5,500 sq. ft.) was completed.

Injection of leaking foundation walls and podium deck cracks was performed to prevent water penetration.

Soffit repairs completed 2007 Parking Garage Repairs Program.

The project is performed in nine weeks working at night time and weekends and completed ahead of schedule.