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121 King Street West , Toronto, ON

Project Profile

2007 Localized Waterproofing Repairs at Podium Deck

Project Date: Mid October 2007– Present

Project Location: 121 King Street West, Toronto, ON

Project Owner: The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada

Project Consultants:
Halcrow Yolles
Mr. Mohsen Monsouri, P. Eng.
207 Queen’s Quay Terminal, Suite 550
Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A1            
Tel. 416-363-8123                    
Fax  416-363-0341

Project Description

2007 Localized Waterproofing Repairs at Podium Deck

In Mid October 2007 Albatech Building Restoration Inc. started 121 King Street West Podium Deck Waterproofing Rehabilitation Program.

The Parking garage at 121 King Street West is a 4 level underground structure with three suspended levels and one on grade parking level located directly below multi level high-rise commercial office building incorporating retail and office occupancies. The parking garage extends out past the building above creating a podium deck/garage roof slab above. The structural system of this garage is cast-in-place reinforced concrete construction. The suspended slab is a 2-way slab, approximately 8-1/2” thick supported by a combination of columns, foundation walls and shear walls. Access to the garage is from the entrance/exit on the east end of the garage.

The 2007 project started with the mobilization, installation of hoarding, dust protection and set up of the site and generally involves:

  • Removal of existing overburden, including landscaping at East and South-East Planters. Concrete repairs at planter walls. Installation of new 2-ply hot-rubberized waterproofing system. Reinstatement of existing overburden material and landscaping.
  • Removal and reinstatement of granite panels and mortar bed at the East lobby entrance lower landing and walls. Installation of additional 2 drains and piping. Localized installation of new hot rubberized waterproofing. Installation of new heating cables at the lower landing.
  • Localized removal and reinstatement of existing shifted granite panels located at the East lobby entrance stair risers and top landing. Removal of existing and installation of new sealant at treads risers, pavers and walls.
  • Removal and reinstatement of granite panels and mortar bed at the North-West corner of the building. Demolition of existing suspended portion of the concrete slab. Installation of new concrete at slab edge to match existing foundation wall.  Installation of new 2-ply hot – rubberized waterproofing at the slab edge along the North-West corner of the building garage roof deck including downturn. Localized reinstatement of shifted and replacement of cracked and broken granite pavers.
  • Installation of new collection pipes and new drainage system at the parking garage North and West foundation walls and mechanical room (12 pcs).  Installation of new thin waterproofing system at the mechanical room.  

The project is currently in process and scheduled to be completed in January 2008.