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2 Sheppard Ave. East, Toronto, ON

Project Profile

2007 Parking Garage- North Staircase Replacement

Project Date: November 2007– December 2007

Project Location: 2 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto, ON

Project Owner: The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada

Project Consultants:
Halcrow Yolles
Mr. Mohsen Monsouri, P. Eng.
207 Queen’s Quay Terminal, Suite 550
Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A1            
Tel. 416-363-8123                    
Fax  416-363-0341

Project Description

2007 Parking Garage- North Staircase Replacement

In November 2007 Albatech Building Restoration Inc. started 2 Sheppard Avenue East Parking Garage – North Staircase Replacement Project.

The Parking garage at 2 Sheppard Avenue East is a 4 level underground structure with three suspended levels and one on grade parking level located directly below multi level high-rise commercial office building incorporating retail and office occupancies. The parking garage extends out past the building above creating a podium deck/garage roof slab above. The structural system of this garage is cast-in-place reinforced concrete construction. The suspended slab is a 2-way slab, approximately 8-1/2” thick supported by a combination of columns, foundation walls and shear walls. Access to the garage is from the entrance/exit on the east end of the garage.

The 2007 project started with the mobilization, installation of hoarding, dust protection and set up of the site and generally involved:

  • Removal of existing electrical and sprinkler systems at the north staircase.
  • Installation of temporary shoring system to support existing stair walls. 
  • Demolition and disposal of existing concrete landing slabs and stair flights. Concrete repairs at the walls of the north staircase.
  • Removal of existing paint at the stair walls.
  • Design, fabrication and installation of new steel stair including flights, landings and handrails at the north staircase. Painting of the stair.
  • Painting of the walls of staircase.
  • Installation of new light fixtures and electrical conduits.

The project was completed in December 2007.