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44-55 Glen Road, Hamilton, ON

Project Profile

2007 HydroVault Room Structural Repairs

Project Date: December 2007– Present

Project Location: 44-55 Glen Road, Hamilton, ON

Project Owner: The Benchmark Group
c/o Cogir Management Corporation, general partnership

Project Consultants:
Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
Mr. Jeremy Horst
500-144 Front Street W.
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2L7
Tel. 416-977-5335
Fax 416-977-1427

Project Description

2007 HydroVault Room Structural Repairs

In December 2007 Albatech Building Restoration Inc. started 44-55 Glen Road -2007 Hydro Vault Room Repairs Program.

Glen Terrace Apartments located at 44-55 Glen Road in Hamilton, Ontario are two mid-rise residential buildings. 44 Glen Road is a 14-storey structure and 50 Glen Road is an 11-storey structure. The buildings were built in 1972 and appear to be normally reinforced cast-in-place concrete construction. Spanning between the two buildings and situated directly below is a three level underground parking garage with two levels of suspended parking level and one level on grade parking. The parking garage extends out past the buildings creating a podium deck/garage roof slab above with exterior parking lot for visitors designed to support a superimposed live load of 250 p.s.f. The suspended parking level slabs and garage roof/podium deck slabs are separated from the building structure by means of expansion joints.

The hydro vault room is situated on the north side of the 11-storey apartment building, 50 Glen Road, on the upper parking level of the underground garage. Access and egress to the hydro vault room is via grated access hath in the podium deck/garage roof slab, which is approximately 5’-0” x 5’-0” in size. The dimensions of hydro vault room are approximately 12’-0” x 29’-0”.
Due to the extensive progressive deterioration in various areas of the suspended portion of the podium deck/garage roof slab located above the hydro vault room, total delamination of the existing concrete beam and column corbels within the hydro vault room (including presence of exposed and rusted metal reinforcement) and failure of existing waterproofing system on the surface of podium deck slab immediate repairs were required.

The 2007- project started with the mobilization, installation of hoarding, dust protection and set up of the site and generally involves:

  • Installation of temporary shoring system to support three levels of parking garage below/around the hydro vault room.
  • Removal and disposal of the existing asphalt paving and hot rubberized waterproofing system from the surface of the hydro vault room slab.
  • Removal and disposal of the first 2’-0” of concrete around the perimeter of the slab opening/hydro vault room access hatch and replace with new concrete slab and en elevated concrete curb around the perimeter of the slab opening.
  • Removal and disposal of the existing hydro vault access hatch, structural steel and grating.
  • Through slab repair of all surface and soffit concrete delaminations on the hydro vault roof slab.
  • Total replacement of the existing concrete beam within the hydro vault room.
  • Total replacement of 2 column corbels and localized concrete repairs of the supporting columns.
  • Construction of a new grating system anchored into the new perimeter concrete curb, specifically designed to accommodate heavy vehicle traffic, equipped with hinges and a recessed lock.
  • Installation of a new two-ply hot rubberized waterproofing system on the surface of the hydro vault room roof slab complete with new asphalt.
  • Parking stall lines painting.