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931,951,955,961 Wonderland Road South, London, ON

Project Profile

2005 Parking Garage Rehabilitation

Project Date: Mid April 2005 – Mid October 2005

Project Location: 931,951,955,961 Wonderland Road South, West Garage, London, Ontario

Project Owner: London-Wonderland Properties Inc.; c/o Cogir Management Corporation, General Partnership

Project Engineers:

Project Consultants
Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
Mr. Michael Hugenholtz, P. Eng.
500-144 Front Street W.
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2L7
Tel. 416-977-5335 Fax. 416-977-1427

Structural Shoring Design
Devlin Engineering Ltd.
Mr. Martin Devlin, P. Eng.
489 Timothy Street, Suite 5
Newmarket, ON L3Y 6M7
Tel. 905-895-9901 Fax. 905-895-0651

Project Description

Parking Garage Rehabilitation

The Parking structures at Wonderland Square are both stand alone, two level garages with one on grade parking level and one suspended parking level. The structure of these garages is cast-in-place reinforced concrete with 10-inch thick reinforced two-way flat slabs supported by rectangular columns and foundation walls. An expansion joint is located at the approximate mid-point in the east-west direction of both garages.

The West Parking Garage is approximately 40,000 square feet. The East Parking Garage is approximately 45,000 square feet.

In Mid April 2005 Albatech Building Restoration Inc. began work at 2005 Wonderland Square Parking Garage Rehabilitation program.

Project Scope

The 2005 project started with the mobilization and set up of the site.

Structural repairs included:

  • Localized replacement of deteriorated concrete on the top surface of the slab of the upper parking level (approximately 4,350 square feet). The repairs were carried out with 35 MPa Silica Fume concrete.
  • Localized concrete repairs of column and wall vertical surfaces.
  • Thickening of the existing foundation wall including removal of all existing coatings and provision of a rough profile surface, placement of new reinforcing steel, both horizontally and vertically, forming and pumping Ready Mix concrete to provide a continuing concrete wall in front of the existing wall (approx. 2,600 square feet). This was done to stabilize the existing support wall, which had severely cracked over the years.
  • Construction of new concrete capitals at top of every column in the garage (70 columns) was required to support the weight of the parking deck. This was accomplished by preparing the surface, placing reinforcing steel through and around the existing columns, forming and placing 30 MPA Ready Mix. 
  • A new expansion joint system was installed (120 lineal feet of Steel Strip Seal System plus two factory manufactured upturns).
  • At the interface of the staircases and the suspended slab a new gland seals were installed and pedestrian stairways were waterproofed. 
  • As apart of this program an upgrade of existing drainage system was required and 37 new floor drains were installed with 1365 lineal feet of new drain piping. 
  • After concrete repairs were completed the entire deck area was shot blasted to provide a clean substrate. Hot-rubberized waterproofing asphalt system was installed and two inches of MTC High Stability Latex Modified HL3 asphaltic concrete wearcourse was installed.
  • An aluminum railing system was installed along the top of the existing parapet wall around the suspended parking level. 
  • All existing asphalt paving and 8 inches of the existing granular fill material were removed from the lower level of parking garage and weeping tiles were installed to drain off any excess water that could accumulate.
  • Curbs around low-level perimeter were completely replaced (537 lineal feet) as well as concrete collars around the grating at the upper portion of all three catch basins and two trench drains were reinstalled. The entire area was re-graded, compacted with a new granular "A" material and 1-1/2 inch of HL8 Asphalt Base Course was installed, followed by 1-1/2 inch of  HL3 Asphalt Top Course.
  • New traffic markings and line painting for both levels of the garage completed the 2005 West Parking Garage Rehabilitation project.