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3501 Glen Erin Drive, Toronto, ON

Project Profile

2005 Balcony Rehabilitation

Project Date: Phase I - April 2005 – Dec 2005
                        Phase II - June 2006- July 2006 

Project Location: 3501 Glen Erin Drive, Mississauga, Ontario

Project Owner: Mississauga 3501 Glen Erin Inc.;
c/o Cogir Management Corporation, General Partnership

Project Engineers:

Project Consultants
Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
Mr. Philip Sarvinis, P. Eng.
500-144 Front Street W.
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2L7
Tel. 416-977-5335 Fax. 416-977-1427

Structural Shoring and Temporary Rigging Design
Devlin Engineering Ltd.
Mr. Martin Devlin, P.Eng.
489 Timothy Street, Suite 5
Newmarket, ON L3Y 6M7
Tel. 905-895-9901 Fax. 905-895-0651

Project Description

Balcony Rehabilitation

3501 Glen Erin Drive in Mississauga is 13-storey multi-unit residential building. The floor slabs extend beyond the building envelope to form balcony slabs. The balconies vary in size ranging from 75 sq. ft. to 260 sq. ft. in size. The total balcony surface area to be restored was approximately 20,800 sq. ft. Guards or balustrades are provided at the outside edge of the balconies. The balcony balustrades are either metal picket or masonry construction-combined brick and block masonry.

Project Scope

The 2005 project started in mid April with the installation of hoarding, site protection, and covered walkways.

 Repairs included:

  • Removal and replacement of the first twelve inches of all concrete balcony slab edges (2,650 lineal feet).
  • Localized concrete repairs of all concrete balcony slab edges at existing masonry balcony balustrade locations including their structural support (1,134 lineal feet).
  • Localized balcony through-slab concrete repairs and localized vertical concrete delamination repairs.
  • All repairs were performed with 35 Mpa Silica Fume concrete mix.
  • Installation of bonded concrete topping behind masonry balcony balustrade locations was required to accommodate proper slope and was completed with rapid repair mortar.
  • All balcony slabs were prepared, locally resurfaced where it was necessary and waterproofed with pedestrian deck coating.
  • All existing embedded metal picket balcony railings were removed for retrofitting including removal of existing base plates and anchors, welding of new galvanized steel base plates to each post, sandblasting of entire surface, priming with zinc rich primer and repainting.
  • Reinstallation of railing system was completed.
  • Localized removal and replacement of damaged deteriorated brick masonry and re-pointing of deteriorated brick mortar joints (8860 Lineal Ft) was completed.