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225 Markham Road, Toronto, ON

Project Profile

Parking Garage Repairs

Project Date: September – December 2002 April – May 2003

Project Location: 225 Markham Rd., Toronto, Ontario

Project Owner: c/o Clearbrook Property Management

Project Engineers:

Building Sciences Inc.
Mr. Nick Tassone, P.Eng.
221 Rayette Road, Unit 1
Concord, Ontario, L4K 2G1
Tel. 905-760-0869 Fax. 905-760-0873

Project Description

Underground Parking Garage Rehabilitation

The Building at 225 Markham Rd. is a multi-level residential building with one level underground parking garage structure. The podium deck is cast-in-place reinforced concrete with 8-inch thick reinforced two-way flat slab supported by rectangular columns and foundation walls. The podium deck on the East Side of the building is treated with hard landscaping (i.e. asphalt, concrete island etc.). The podium deck on the West side typically consists of a combination of hard and soft landscaping.

There was significant progressive deterioration and delamination in various areas of the roof slab of the garage and extensive damages to the existing waterproofing and asphalt finishes caused by salt, freeze and mechanical damages. In August 2002, Albatech Building Restoration Inc. was awarded a contract to rehabilitate 225 Markham Road. Construction started on both sides of the building at the same time at the end of the 2002-year construction season. A tight schedule was the main concern. All major work was finished in three month by the beginning of December. During the first two weeks of May 2003 the top course of asphalt and plantings were installed and project was completed.

Project Scope

The 2002 project started with the installation of hoarding and site protection.

Repairs included:

  • Removal of all existing asphalt finishes and all overburden materials inclusive of curbs and sidewalks.
  • Removal of the existing waterproofing over the roof slab by hydro-blasting methods .
  • Removal and through-slab replacement of delaminated and deteriorated concrete (3,015 sq. ft).
  • Expansion joint repairs.
  • Installation of a new two-ply hot-rubberized waterproofing to over the roof slab (approximately 25,000 sq.ft).
  • Heavy excavation and hot-rubberized waterproofing of the North-East garage foundation wall.
  • Curb (1,150 lineal feet) and sidewalk (1,035 square feet) replacement.
  • Installation of all overburden materials.
  • Installation of all asphalt finishes (approximately 45,000 sq.ft).
  • Concrete repairs to the soffits within the underground garage (approximately 280 square feet).